Educational aims and values

The main aims of the school are:
To educate intellectually, socially, aesthetically, morally, physically and spiritually.
To encourage the development of all pupils, so that they learn to take their place in society.
To instil in pupils a sense of decency, commitment, self reliance, responsibility, respect for others and a healthy self esteem.
To create an atmosphere that is relaxed but purposeful, and facilitates the achievement of these aims by forming the best possible relationships between all staff, children, parents and others within the school community.
To help pupils to develop an understanding of their own and others cultural heritage.  
We aim to develop the whole personality of each child, building and celebrating on their strengths. 
We aim to address the needs of every child regardless of age, sex, ability or ethnic origin.
We aim to present work in as an attractive way as possible, creating a warm, secure and stimulating environment for the children to work in.
We aim to create incentives to encourage the children to be at their best.  We want the children to enjoy their learning and their time in school.
Katie Morag
We want the children to achieve their full potential, and to become good members of the community, embracing the following codes:
To tell the truth
To keep promises
To respect the rights of others
To act with consideration for all other living things
To help those who are weaker and less fortunate than themselves
To take personal responsibility for all actions
To develop self discipline
Our school rules are therefore based upon the following:
To be polite towards others – adults and pupils
To try our best at everything we do
To respect and care for others and their property
To be proud of our school and to be a part of the school community
To be honest and truthful.
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